Philip Jenkins

The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia---and How It Died

Title: The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia---and How It Died

Author: Philip Jenkins

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ISBN: 1400159717

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The Lost History of Christianity will change how we understand Christian and world history. Leading religion scholar Philip Jenkins reveals a vast Christian world to the east of the Roman Empire and how the earliest, most influential churches of the East—those that had the closest link to Jesus and the early church—died. In this paradigm-shifting book, Jenkins recovers a lost history, showing how the center of Christianity for centuries used to be the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, extending as far as China.

Without this lost history, we can't understand Islam or the Middle East, especially Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Complete with maps, statistics, and fascinating stories and characters that no one in the media or the general public has ever heard of, The Lost History of Christianity will immerse the listener in a lost world that was once the heart of Christianity.

Insightful reviews

Bob: I was very excited when I started reading this book. The topic is very interesting; namely, that, though the Western model of Christianity is currently dominant, for a thousand years after the flowering of Christianity, the Christian churches of Asia & Africa were as powerful & influential as the Western church, simply put Christianity spread East as well as West.

Unfortunately the author (Jenkins) writes from a secular, pluralistic perspective--which assumes religions belong to the private sphere, & must make no claims to exclusivity.

I was surprised to learn that, in relative terms, the Middle East is only recently "Muslim" (less than 125 years). This was accomplished in very recent history "by carnage on a massive scale." Also & not surprisingly alliance with political powers of the day came back to bite Christians by hastening the extinction of their churches.

It was also interesting to see that for a significant period, after Islam spread through the region, the Eastern faith & Islam coexisted. However, over time, oftentimes violently, at times, in measured ways, Islam displaced Christianity.

The book leaves you wanting to do more research, it is a great book to cause one to think differently about the history we have been given. Not that what we have been given is wrong but that there is clearly more.

Bob: This came highly recommended, and I'm glad I read it. However, it had some downsides.

First, the history that it covers is fascinating: it's true that I have only in the last couple years (by people who recommended this book) heard anything about how much the church grew in the Middle East and Asia before the rise of Islam (and even after). I never knew that the Gospel went much east of Armenia, except some vague references I've heard to a church started by Thomas in India. It's a story we don't hear much about, but it's fascinating and important. I found it very encouraging and enlightening.

However, two main things grated on me. One, the book follows some sort of topical organization, instead of being linear. Frankly, it jumped back and forth across time periods way too much to keep up with. I would've much preferred that he stick with either a strict chronological progression (which I think would've been far easier to follow) or a strict geographical approach (which would've worked, too). Instead, the book was all over the place. Second, I thought he presented too little history and far too much pontificating. By the end of the book I was tired of the conclusions he was drawing and the lessons he was trying to pull out, and was wishing that I had a better overarching feel for how things went from start to finish. I also wished that he talked a little more about the doctrinal differences that caused the eastern church to be so ignored by the western: maybe others would've been bored but I would've been really interested to learn more about that, but it's barely even mentioned.

Okay, still a 4-star book: very important and fascinating, but the structure of the book got on my nerves a little. Maybe I wanted more of a formal history textbook approach, and was disappointed that I didn't get it.

Esther Dan: Wow! Mandatory read for every Christian

Alyson: The misplaced heritage of Christianity is a ebook that made me observe much more how little we know. It was once attention-grabbing to benefit approximately such a lot of diversified Christian church buildings all through history. I additionally discovered it attention-grabbing and unhappy contemplating all the turmoil and persecution of Christians in international locations instantly that i did not even be aware of had Christian churches. on the finish he talks approximately how we have now religion that God directs background and even supposing "permits his selected humans to undergo defeat and dispersal, for purposes no mortal can determine on the time... the truth that we won't parent goal or advice in earthly occasions doesn't suggest none exists." The Bible testifies of God's hand in this earth.It was once tough to rate. it isn't a fast, pull you alongside learn or i'd have rated it higher, yet I did take pleasure in it and was once joyful I learn it.

Sincerae: i actually loved this heritage and realized so much. The misplaced background of Christianity is a superb advent to an imprecise topic which the church in the United States by no means touches on. the writer Philip Jenkins says that a lot of the knowledge awarded during this paintings is little recognized other than through a couple of scholars. This ebook eradicates the usually held trust that Christianity is a Western religion. in truth Christianity was once good matured within the heart East, North Africa, and East Africa (Nubia and Ethiopia) prior to it grew to become commonly authorised in Western Europe. Jenkins writes a couple of forgotten and colourful Christianity which stretched in Asia from Mesopotamia to Persia directly to China to valuable Asia and south into India. as soon as Christianity used to be verified as a long way east as Japan. However, missionary paintings to Japan got here a lot later than it needed to the folk of Africa and West Asia. Syriacs (Assyrian people) in locations like Iraq and what's now japanese Turkey additionally performed an important function within the highbrow improvement of the faith. actually Jenkins says Muslims co-opted into their faith the force for learnedness from Syriac Christians. a few of the early translators of works from the traditional Greek classical international have been Syriacs who labored for Muslim rulers. Jenkins tells many tales of the lengthy forgotten non secular facilities and greats of the jap church. i used to be stunned to profit that the Christians of India weren't switched over through the British yet had come to Christ centuries earlier than British colonialism. Indian Christians think the Gospel used to be dropped at them by way of the Apostle Thomas. Jenkins doesn't bash Islam, yet he does inform how the faith hasten the decline of Christianity in components of Africa and the center East and periodically introduced brutal persecution. a few church buildings hung on decades and slowly died below Islam, however the mild of the church buildings in Libya and Tunisia have been extinguished virtually overnight. regardless of the demise of those church buildings to the west, the Egyptian Coptics in some way endured to carry on until eventually this very day.This books' topic has relatively piqued my interest, and that i plan to learn extra at the subject. i've got lengthy puzzled why the US Christians convey no interest in studying concerning the jap roots of Christianity. we are frequently thoroughly unaware of fans of the religion within the center East, and the media is frequently silent concerning the flight of Christians from areas like Iraq and Syria in contemporary years. possibly one reason behind this can be there's a centuries previous bias that the West has lengthy had opposed to the jap church. The Western church felt the Nestorian and Jacobite Christians of the center East and Asia have been heretics. the center East and Africa sprouted the unique roots of Christianity not only the West in locations like Greece and Rome as a result of the trips of missionaries and martyrs of the religion just like the Apostles Paul and Peter. The missionaries who traveled East with Christ's nice fee and the church buildings they tested and others that grew from the unique heart jap and African congregations need to be mentioned. as an alternative with American Christians, in particular Protestants, the only concentration is at the background of the Western eu church and Israel. extra American Christians have to learn this book, and perhaps then will extra compassion and challenge for our brethren within the East might develop. Philips Jenkins offers extremely important background and poses vitally important questions during this book.

Matt: i have by no means learn a historical past that so completely confident me that every thing i assumed I knew a couple of subject was once wrong. The background of Christianity i used to be taught ran via Europe. but a lot of the populations Asia, the center East, and northern Africa have been Christian for a countless numbers of years, if now not a millennium. after which they died out. Jenkins discusses the expansion and dying of those church groups in vast strokes with relatively specified examples to aid make his point. whereas Islam used to be Christianity's critical rival in lots of of those areas, the 2 religions kind of co-existed with occasional flare-ups one may have notion may outline the interaction among them in the course of that period. the true game-changer was once the Mongol invasion. The Mongols gave extra favorable therapy to Christians of their area for a interval yet finally swung towards the Muslims, correct round the time the Mongol rule used to be ending. by means of this time, adequate resentment had equipped up and Christian groups have been persecuted. by means of the start of the twentieth century, many center japanese groups that have been majority Christian nonetheless had Christian minorities of approximately 10%. That determine decreased to round 3% on the finish of the 20 th century (the be aware "genocide" was once coined partly to spot a distinct form of crime, just like the Turk's slaughter of Christian Armenians in 1915 or the Iraqi's killing of Christian Assyrians many years later). interesting book.

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